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With Bio'Santal, the benefits of this noble wood are within everyone's reach. 

We can take care of ourselves and live as healthily as possible, staying away from products that could harm our health.  

"In harmony with human beings and nature" is our motto!

produits cosmétiques au santal de Nouvelle Calédonie. Huile essentielle santal

Our history

  Passionate about cosmetics, well-being, beauty products, but not only, I started buying natural and local products, then I made my own recipes. I particularly appreciate the smell that sandalwood gives off, but in addition to its captivating fragrance, its essential oil contains many beneficial virtues for our health. This is how Bio'Santal was born. 


On this site you will find natural products exclusively manufactured by Bio'Santal. I will accompany you at best to find the product that suits you. 

Bio'Santal makes it a point of honor to satisfy customers and provide quality products.


Committed to the environment   I wanted to offer products that are organic, vegan, natural and eco-friendly, in other words products that want you good, and that do not harm people or people. to animals, nor to our nature.

At Bio'Santal, you will be able to benefit from small 100% local nuggets, and enjoy this woody scent offered by sandalwood at low prices.


Yes nature offers us little wonders, you have to know how to take advantage of it while respecting it. That's why I decided to work with VMAG, a sandalwood oil extraction company from Ile-des-Pins. They distil in a sustainable way and with a keen eye for nature in order to obtain an essential oil of exceptional quality. 

So, treat yourself without moderation! 

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